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O pallid dome of long dead author, what dark mysteries lie with in ? Now but a perch for a beguiling raven, a cry of 'Nevermore' to summon it's kin. Edgar Allan Poe's immortal sentinel calls out it's tragic refrain.

The iconic Alchemy "Poe's Raven - Nevermore" art work presented beautifully on this stunning hand woven rug.

Original Art work inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's Nevermore poem. The art work features a black raven, skull and poetry books with the night moon behind.

This rug is an original design by Alchemy and forms part of the extraordinary home and gift collection

Usable in any space in your home. - Floors, walls or tables!

Approximate Dimensions & Weight:

Height: 38.19" Width: 20.28" Diameter: 0.20"

Weight: 0.99lbs (approximate)

Artwork: 31.50" x 19.69"

Materials & Origin:

Supplied with Alchemy branded product information label.

Designed and Developed in England, hand made in India from 100% cotton.

Brand Origin: England, United Kingdom.

Poe's Raven Rug RUG4

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