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PERFECT GIFT: This cupcake might have been baked with something other than “love”. This not-so-passive aggressive plushie is the perfect gift for the PTA president who judged you for bringing store-bought cupcakes to the bake sale. She’ll be too distracted by the soft fabric and cute dangling legs to be mad about the embroidered punchline.


HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: This plushie has personality! Each Punchkin is made of super soft fabric with an embroidered expression and punchline. The bead-filled base keeps it upright and ready to display at home, work, or anywhere else!


SHELF-SIZED: At 8 inches tall, this Punchkin is perfectly sized for display on a bookshelf, desk, or any other flat surface.


Punchkins are LOL fun, giftable, sweet & salty plush gag gift. They're the perfect adult stuffed animal to give for birthdays, white elephant, Valentine's Day, or any thinking-of-you occasion.


Size: 6" x 5" x 8"

Punchkins Sassy Cupcake Plushie

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