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Embrace the mystical with this complete Black Gold Foil Tarot Kit, designed to elevate your divinatory practice and ignite your intuition. This exquisite set empowers you to delve into the secrets of the universe, explore your inner world, and unlock the guidance you seek.

Unveiling the Kit:

78 Dazzling Tarot Cards: Immerse yourself in stunning black and gold foil artwork, meticulously crafted to illuminate your readings with a touch of elegance. Each card, measuring 2.7" x 4.7" (7 x 12cm), features vibrant imagery that speaks to your soul and ignites your imagination.
Illuminating Guidebook: Uncover the deeper meanings within your cards with a comprehensive guidebook. This essential companion delves into the symbolism and interpretations of each card, providing valuable insights for both novice and experienced readers.
Enhancing the Experience: Elevate your practice with the thoughtfully curated tools included:
2.5" Bell: Clear the space and focus your intention with the gentle chime of the included bell.
Chakra Gemstones: Connect with your energy centers and enhance your readings with the power of these beautiful gemstones.
2 Tarot Card Holders: Keep your cards organized and protected during readings with these stylish holders.
2 Feathers: Channel the wisdom of the air element and add a touch of magic to your readings with these elegant feathers.
Velvet Bag: Store your cards safely and securely in the luxurious velvet bag, ensuring they remain protected and ready for your next exploration.
Large Divination Cloth: Create a sacred space for your readings with this beautiful divination cloth, adding an element of ritual and focus to your practice.

Materials: Black Gold Foil
Card Size: 7 x 12cm (2.7" x 4.7")

Each package contains:
1 x Gold Foil Tarot Cards
1 x English Booklet
1 x Box
8 x Gem Stones
2 x Card Holder
1 x Divination Cloth
1 x Velvet Bag
2 x Feather
1 x Bell

Rider Waite Black Gold Foil Gift Set Cards Tarot Cloth Chakra Stones......

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