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These sharks in a bottle are spiny dogfish sharks, Squalus acanthias, and are found in temperate waters worldwide. They are one of the best-known sharks in the world. Spiny dogfish sharks are consumed as human food in Europe, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Venezuela and Chile.  The meat is primarily consumed in England, France, Italy, the Benelux countries, and Germany.  These sharks are also used in fertilizer, liver oil and pet food.  Because of its availability, cartilaginous skull, and manageable size, it is a popular vertebrate dissection specimen in both high schools and universities.  Males grow to just over 3 feet on average, reaching maturity at around 11 years, while females may grow over 5 feet long and reach maturity around 20 years.  These baby sharks are not fished for this purpose; they are by-products of commercial fishing.  At times, female sharks are caught with developing young inside of them; the young are collected and preserved in a 70% alcohol solution. The water in the bottle is dyed blue to resemble the color of the ocean.  Sharks in a Bottle make nice gifts for collectors of oddities or for educational purposes. As with any natural item they will not all look exactly the same.

Shark Spiny Dogfish Wet Specimen

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