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So, what is Shaddow Domain?

In 2002 we started out as a tiny (and I mean tiny) little goth shop in an old church and only
hoped to sell creepy tchotchkes, but our customers wanted more. Within no time we were taking
requests for metaphysical supplies and funny things, and the store as we know it today was
hatched. Now we’re 22 years strong and working to join you all in the 21st century by entering
the internet marketplace.
We sell a wide variety of, well… stuff. Goth stuff, witchy stuff, funny stuff, the common thread
would be that we like our humor like our coffee, on the dark side. Here you can get your weekly
supply of spell candles, crystals and incense, an octopus preserved in alcohol, a soda and bath
bombs for the kids and a questionable birthday card for Mom, all in the same place. We also sell
Idaho and Idaho Falls souvenirs, metaphysical herbs and books, bags and purses, shirts,
posters… it’s just so much!
We also have a small oddities museum that has been featured in Atlas Obscura, Only in Your
State and Roadside America. It’s definitely a must see, just don’t trip over the coffin.
There is a lot of history in our story, and we are working on putting it together with pictures,
some over a hundred years old, some that just feel that way, that will make an interesting read.
So, subscribe to our newsletter and like us on Facebook and Instagram (links below) so you
don’t miss any updates. This is going to be a fun ride, and we’d love for you to join us!

Picture of the store.
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