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Snuggle with the Plague Doctor!

Survive the Black Death wrapped up in this wicked cozy Plague Doctor blanket! Sinfully soft, this haunting blanket features the Plague Doctor holding a diseased syringe in his taloned hand. A raven hovers on his shoulder to symbolize death—a macabre clock ticks behind because Doctor Death knows each mortal's dying day. Perfect for creeping out your couch, bed, or coffin!

  • Plague Doctor Throw Blanket.
  • Double Sided—Designs on Both Sides!
  • Vivid Image. 
  • Sinfully Soft!
  • 60" L x 50" W.
  • 100% Polyester Fleece.
  • A VampireFreaks Exclusive. 

Vampire Freaks Plague Doctor Throw Blanket

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